Hydraulic Tunnel Thruster CT HYD 550

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The NEW Max Power CT550 is ready to enlarge the range of Max Power Tunnel Thrusters up to 45m of boats. All “in the water” parts are designed with best hydrodynamic profile to avoid turbulence. The most powerful tunnel thruster in D400 tunnel size with 4 blade propellers designed by Max Power in metallic material to guarantee maximum thrust performance. Counter rotating system offers higher efficiency on thrusting with left side and right side pitch props in order to have same results in both directions.

Code Thruster Power (kw) Motor Power (cc/kw) Tunnel diameter (mm) Pressure Flow Propellers Weight Light Duty Thrust (Kgf) Heavy Duty Thrust (Kgf) Application (Boat Size - m)
636211 Min 42 - Max 50 40 400 Min 210 - Max 250 120 Four Blade, DUO Counter Rotating 65 630 560 19-42