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Designed to suit the latest generation of high performance yachts, the Compact Retract is fitted, as optional original equipment, to a wide range of new sailboats from 35’ to 50’ and is available in 12V (Compact Retract 70) and 24V (Compact Retract 80).

When closed this retractable thruster has no negative effect on the yacht’s performance, even in light winds where tunnel thrusters can greatly reduce sailing performance. Manufactured using lightweight composites, the Compact Retract is the most silent unit available today and is easily fitted to most yachts with a master cabin up against the forward bulkhead. Its low profile and simple installation make this cost effective unit by far the most popular retractable thruster unit on the market today.

* Thrusters are designed to run at 10.75V on 12V units and 22V on 24V units. Higher voltages will result in higher thrust ratings, higher power consumption, and a reduced duty cycle.
* Performance data is given for a thruster deployed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter, and this within a variation of + / - 6%.
* Only available with bronze driveleg
Code Voltage Thrust Propellers Power Weight A B C D E
317821 12V 70(kg) / 154(lbs) 2 4.79(kw) / 6.4(hp) 40(kg) 555(mm) 388(mm) 385(mm) 185(mm) 241(mm)
317822 24V 85(kg) / 187(lbs) 2 5.28(kw) / 7.1(hp) 40(kg) 555(mm) 388(mm) 385(mm) 185(mm) 241(mm)