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Manufactured from fully isophtalic resin and pre-gel coated, Max Power’s high quality tunnels have the added advantage of a first coat of matt before being filament wound.Cutting and drilling can therefore be carried out without the risk of damaging the gel coat on the inside surface of the tunnel.

Code Model Diameter Length
313804 CT35/45 125(mm) 1000(mm)
313809 CT35/45 125(mm) 1250(mm)
313811 CT300 300(mm) 1500(mm)
313812 CT325 300(mm) 2000(mm)
35004 CT325 315(mm) 1500(mm)
42546 CT35/45 125(mm) 500(mm)
42547 CT35/45 125(mm) 750(mm)
42548 CT35/45 125(mm) 2500(mm)
42549 CT60/80/100/125 185(mm) 750(mm)
42550 CT60/80/100/125 185(mm) 1000(mm)
42551 CT60/80/100/125 185(mm) 1500(mm)
42552 CT60/80/100/125 185(mm) 2500(mm)
42553 CT165/225 250(mm) 1000(mm)
42554 CT165/225 250(mm) 1500(mm)
42555 CT165/225 250(mm) 2500(mm)
42557 CT325 315(mm) 2000(mm)