Electric Retractable Thruster VIP 250 ELECTRIC

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These vertically retracting VIP thrusters use a unique and patented thrust plate design. The VIP 250, is available in  24V and is ideally suited to high-performance sailing yachts and super fast motor yachts 40’-60’.

Code Voltage Thrust Propellers Power Weight A B C D E F
35043 24V 145(kg) / 319(lbs) Duo 9.5(kw) / 12.74(hp) 54 360mm 360mm 765mm 250mm 1075mm 295mm
636046 24V 250(kg) / 550lbs) 2 12(kw) / 20(hp) 65(kg) 360(mm) 360(mm) 765(mm) 250(mm) 1075(mm) 295(mm)