Electric Tunnel Thruster CT 300

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The CT300 is suitable for motor yachts and deep footed sailing boats from 67’ up to 93’. Designed for use with the popular 300mm tunnel diameter, this 48V electric tunnel thruster is a direct replacement for older less powerful 24V units.

With the 48V variant we have 48% decrease in amperage consumption and 50% increase in operation cycle, in relation to the 24V equivalent model, which makes it a cost efficient solution (smaller cables, supply from the same home batteries which results in lower installation costs).

* Thrusters are designed to run at 45.6V  on 48V units. Higher voltages will result in higher thrust ratings, higher power consumption, and a reduced duty cycle.
* Performance data is given for a thruster installed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter, in a tunnel no longer than twice the tunnel’s diameter, and this within a variation of + / - 6%. Longer tunnels will result in lower thrust ratings and higher power consumption.
Code Voltage Thrust Propellers Power Weight A B C D E Drive Leg (material)
317606 24V 300(kg) / 660 (lbs) 2 19.7(kw) / 26.4(hp) 58.5(kg) 250(mm) 250(mm) 480(mm) 300(mm) 9 - 10(mm) Bronze
636656 48V 275(kg) / 606 (lbs) 2 17.5(kw) / 23.8 (hp) 64 (kg) 250(mm) 250(mm) 480(mm) 300(mm) 9 - 10(mm) Bronze