MAX POWER Accessories


All accessories and control panels are specially designed for use with Max Power’s complete range of tunnel and retractable thrusters. Fitted using a simple hole saw cut-out, panels are easy to install and benefit from a simple and easily replaceable weatherproof clip-on cover. Each panel is complete with both male and female connectors using a reusable connection system.

  • Available in black or grey
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to fit
  • Replaceable clip-on cover
  • Safety features
  • Control panels
  • Water

Max Power’s thruster control systems are childproof and incorporate unique safety features.

The control system software monitors for incoherent signals, stray voltage, and abnormally long thrust signals in order to help protect against malfunctions caused by water ingress and short circuits. Visual and audio alarms provide a 10 second warning before the overheat shutdown function is activated. If left idle for thirty minutes, the system itself switches off automatically.

Designed with technical details such as independent control power supply (protects relays against damage due to low voltage), and standard remote electric battery isolator control, Max Power’s system is clearly ahead of the competition. These effective mechanisms ensure that your Max Power thruster is both safe and reliable thus guaranteeing peace of mind onboard.